Sleep Medicine

Dr. Tendler trained in sleep medicine at RUSH University Medical Center from 2005-2006 as a part-time elective with Edward Stepanski, Ph.D., and James Wyatt, where he trained at the sleep lab. He became board certified in behavioral sleep medicine in 2008 by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine before the Society of behavioral sleep medicine took over this certification. In 2011 he took the Sleep Medicine Board examination and has maintained this certification. Dr. Tendler’s sleep medicine practice mainly centers on behavioral and pharmacological treatments for insomnia and hypersomnia. Patients with comorbid psychiatric conditions and medication are frequently uncertain of the etiology of their sleep complaints and how to approach the diagnosis and treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, the most effective treatment, is available to patients.

Fees & Rates

 Dr. Tendler is only in network with Medicare and Cigna.
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