Deep rTMS

Transcranial magnetic stimulation utilizes electromagnetic pulses from a coil placed over the skull to stimulate areas of the brain affected by various neurological and psychiatric conditions. Patients drive themselves to and from a thirty-minute treatment; a brief headache is the most common side effect. Deep rTMS is generally done for patients who have failed to respond to one or more medications and do not have the systemic (whole-body) side effect profile of a medication or the burden of electroconvulsive therapy, which requires general anesthesia. Dr. Tendler has been treating patients with rTMS since January 2009. He has experience with numerous devices and peer-reviewed publications on the subject. Dr. Tendler has participated in multiple clinical trials leading to FDA clearances.

The deep rTMS devices available at the office include the H1-coil (for depression and anxious depression), H4-coil (for smoking cessation, dementia, negative symptoms of schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, cocaine use disorder, upper extremity stroke rehabilitation, obesity, anorexia), H7-coil (OCD, depression and anxious depression, chronic pain, alcohol use disorder, lower extremity stroke rehabilitation, autism, fatigue in multiple sclerosis), H9-coil (mild cognitive impairment).

Fees & Rates

 Dr. Tendler is only in network with Medicare and Cigna.
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