Fees & Rates

Dr. Tendler is only in network with General Medicare. No Medicare Advantage or commercial insurance plans are accepted.

Annual Membership Fee

All patients (self-pay and Medicare) need to pay an annual membership of $500 per calendar year (January 1-December 31). Dr. Tendler could not maintain an office with three staff members without this amount.

Self-Pay Clinical Rate

$500 an hour

Forensic Rate

$800 an hour (for any matters with potential legal involvement, including report preparation, depositions, and testimony)

Self-Pay TMS Rate

$250 a treatment

Case Management/Staff Rate

$150 an hour

Prism Neurofeedback


Finger stick or Injection


New Equipment for Treatment

If Dr. Tendler must purchase a medication or device for treatment, we do not charge more than 16% above costs.